Sometimes motivation comes in different ways for different people. I’ve learned where my best motivation comes from and I know how to use it. Finding what motivates you can help you find fulfillment in your work.

For me motivation comes from a challenge. If I find a boring task I find a way to make it a challenge. For instance, if a task involves creating documentation for software. The challenge becomes not how little of time can I spend doing this (Which usually ends up in a horribly written document), but whats a new way to make a requirements document easier to read.

My most powerful motivation comes from a challenge someone has given me because they gave up on it. I am somewhat competitive in nature and if there is a task others have failed at I will work on this task until it is successful. I may or may not gloat afterwards and I will be walking on cloud nine until the end of day.

Knowing these motivators I can jump for tasks that others moan about being too difficult and I can pull out my creativity and make this the best freaking awesome project I’ve ever made.

These motivators are powerful because they are not based on fear but excitement. Fear can motivate alright but it causes your mind to fog and the project reflects your state of mind, foggy! So how can employers help in motivating their employees? First find what motivates your employees individually. If you can find the motivators that excite your employees and help them use those to their advantage you will find an “A Team” as Steve Jobs puts it.

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